Weldspray Intl. offer Consultancy Service related to the product line that represents:

* Generation of Welding Cost Reduction Proposal;

* Consultancy and Training for Welding Automation Solutions;

* Development of Programs to Welding Automation Implantation;

* Consulting for Optimization and Cost Reduction in the Submerged Arc Welding processes;

* Consultancy for Thermal Spray Processes, Arc Spray, Plasma and HVOF;

* Calibration Service on Thermal Spray Equipment of all the major manufacturers.


Calibration Service on Thermal Spray Equipment


Serving the Thermal Spray Industry worldwide since 1999:

We provide independent service and calibrations on equipment of all the major manufacturers including: Sulzer Metco, Oerlikon Metco, Praxair, Miller Thermal, Plasmadyne, EPI, Tafa, FST, JetKote, Thermach, and GTV. [all of the above are trade names] We specialize in understanding the electrical, mechanical, and gas flow sections of all thermal spray equipment.
We strive to learn, troubleshoot, study, and repair issues found on used equipment at our facility daily. This understanding of problem solving has become our basis of knowledge which our team
uses to assist troubleshooting your equipment when problems arise.


Reasons for Choosing "Weldspray & Universal Thermal"

Service in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
We Calibrate All OEM Types of Equipment
through one professional group.

Let us save you from needing multiple OEM groups to travel in for annual calibrations.


Our professional expertise has come from this industry since 1988. We offer our technical help back to your company with passion, willingness and desire to help your company solve thermal spray technical issues starting with annual accuracy checks/calibrations. Our team has 48 years of combined study with expertise value!

1. We calibrate with using the actual gases used in your processes.
N.I.S.T. [National Institute of Standards & Technologies] calibrated equipment.
No error from conversion of nitrogen or air to actual gases.

2. Leaks: Are a cause for safety and coating failures. We check for leaks and repair any found.
We are concerned for everyone’s safety.
Aspiration of air can cause coating failures, making quality gas to become bad gas via moisture and nitrogen.

3. Check flows from 5 to 10 points depending on meter range.
The others check 3 to 4 points only.

4. Provide OEM original “Flow Conversions” when using different pressures from spec are used in parameters.
Specifications are stamped on the tube’s scale.
We use the OEM flow conversions to calibrate with.
These conversions were published on the web at one time.

5. UTS Cert. graphs are colored for easily identification:
Set Point
As Found
As Left values

6. Our Certs show + or – SCFH and Pressure deviations from any Set Point.

7. Our Certs show + or -, % of Deviation of Full Scale.
Color codes:
Up to 3% Green [Good]
3.1 to 5 % Orange [Acceptable Caution]
5.1% and up, Red [Fail].
If Mass Flow Controlled System the color code is:
Up to 2% Green [Good],
2.1 to 3.0 % Orange [Acceptable Caution]
3.1% and up, Red [Fail].

8. Our certs link all the information to each page of the cert for no errors:
The cert #
Console Serial #
Booth ID #
NIST Instruments Used
The Form #
Rev #
Related Work Instructions #
Date of Calibration
Date of Next Calibration Due
Device Under Test ID [if applicable]

9. We train operators having thermal spray questions, to improve their knowledge.

10. If the system is a critical orifice system, we provide the flows thru those orifices, in scfh, at each given pressure of the gauge to its orifice.
We are the only calibration group that does provide flows through orifices, that we are aware of.
We have found plugged orifices not giving any gas through them.

11. We attempt to stock 2 of every device we calibrate.
If something failed calibration, one can be flown in next day air.
If it can’t get there while our technician is at your facility, it will be calibrated in our lab and sent to your maintenance department for installation.
We will provide an updated cert after the installation has been completed. Note: It Must Be Gas Tight After Installation!

Calibration Certificates Sample

Sample Certificates with Actual Findings and Solutions Provided.
All quality requests that have ever been submitted to Weldspray Consulting & Universal Thermal.
Services have been implemented.










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