About Us

Weldspray Consulting LLC

Weldspray Consulting LLC was founded in 2006, by a Welding Technologist Post Graduated in Production Engineering, from the initiative to represent the Canadian company Gullco International, with the promotion of Welding Automation equipment, consolidating the actuation as representative of manufacturers throughout Latin America territory, counting with a strong network of international Welding Distributors, adding in its activities consultancy services and technical training.

The company persistently follows technological developments in their area of expertise, by investing in the training of its staff, with technical enhancements in frequent visits to manufacturers and providing training to distributors. Weldspray guarantees presence in the Latin American industrial market by constant improvement of your know-how and good relationships with manufacturers, distributors and end users.



To keep Sales and Marketing services in Latin America, focused on solutions for Cutting, Welding and Thermal Spray Technology, representing manufacturers seeking results through support to distributors and end users.



To be recognized for commitment to quality of the products and services that offers, as well as commercial and technical relationships established with customers, suppliers and employees.



Weldspray Intl. should support actions in the ethical and legal formalities, under principles that emphasize respect for people, the environment, and promotion of a sustainable and responsible business development. Valuing: Integrity, Commitment, Business Agility and Competence.


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